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Finland is a beautiful country with clean nature, interesting landscape, educated people and is also one of the most safest travel destinations in the world. Finland has also regions with a distinctive & genuine culture and modern cities with cultural attractions.

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The Baltic Coast - One of the most striking regions in Finland is its archipelago with 70 000 islands. Besides unique nature there are traditional villages with wooden houses and churches. Many activities are possible from fishing to sailing.

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Lakeland - Finland has tens of thousands of lakes which form in many places a labyrinth of smaller lakes, islands,  bays and narrow ridges crossing the lakes. There are lakes surrounded by wilderness while other lakes have modern tourist facilities.

Nature & forests - There is plenty of clean nature, air and water. Experience hiking in the woods, picking berries & mushrooms, eating by the campfire and of course enjoying the relaxing sauna.

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Lapland in Northern Finland is beautiful both in summer and in winter. In summer the sun stays up the whole night. In winter there is heavy snow on trees and the magical Northern Lights can be seen almost every night if the sky is clear. At Rovaniemi one can cross the Arctic Circle and meet Santa Claus.


Now trending is the not so touristic region of North Karelia in Eastern Finland with also plenty of snow, winter and summer activities and many wild lakes.

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The capital Helsinki has some good restaurants where one can taste Nordic kitchen, Arctic flavors or even Russian cuisine. There is a possibility for a sauna and spa experience by the Baltic Sea, exploring the design district and seeing Helsinki's interesting  architecture.

During the long summer days there are many interesting festivals all over Finland. Close to Helsinki is the small city of Porvoo with handicraft shops and interesting restaurants.

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Besides fixing and location scouting we also provide stock video footage from Finland.



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